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About Neodrew

neodrew is the lastest, and, hopefully, last in a series of oft-started, traction-lacking blogs I have attempted in the past decade.

What makes this one different? Two things, I think:

  1. I paid for this new theme. 
  2. I bought this new MacBook Pro I’m writing said blog upon

You’ll be hearing about the new Apple a lot – it’s a major part of my endeavor to finally fulfill my boyhood dream of recording and producing music (not my music, silly – other people’s stuff).  And yes, I’m very serious about this.

I’ve come to the conclusion that focus is the key to reaching my goals – whether it’s recording, writing or or whatever other Rphonic sound you may have.  Neodrew is the new Andrew – a restoration of who I really am, a musician with a passion for helping others find and hear good music.   A big part of this phase of my life is going to revolve around the creation of contemporary worship music.

I’m a God-centered, family-oriented, music-loving Forty-Niner Faithful transplanted to Cowboy Country.  My local church community has transformed my understanding of what it means to live as a Kingdom Christian.  I put my personal politics slightly left of center; some might label my Assembly of God affiliation as pretty far right.   From time to time, I’ll share my personal thoughts on this lifestyle; there are a lot of varying opinions regarding Christianity and its place in society, and I’d like to address those areas in which I have some experience or something interesting to offer.

I’ve got a wonderful wife, two fantastic kids, and a couple occasionally fantastic, mostly fanatic dogs.  We live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood somewhere to the northeast of Dallas, Texas.  Our lives revolve around church, school, work and several television shows.  A love for good food has gotten my waist to where it is today, and I’m trying very hard to do something about it.

Please encourage me in these various endeavors with comments, replies and email.  

Neodrew is trying not to be a stranger.

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