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my favorite picture of Emily and me


“Grace” is the first in a series of articles I wrote about tragedy and hope

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Take One

I used my MacBook Pro to record live music for the first time this week, recording three vocalists and a guitar on stage at my church.

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this site edited on a screamin' fast 2011 Mac Book Pro

The New MacBook Pro

This is a seriously powerful laptop.  It’s fast, it’s quiet, and it absolutely rocks my geeky world.   And, it’s the centerpiece of my pursuit of the dream – to finally begin recording and producing music.

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Recent Articles


What’s In Your Stew?

Ten pounds!  A nice round number and something to be proud of, but is that number The Thing?  Is the weight loss what I’m in this for?   Read more »

Another Veg Box, by Bill Swingle, from Flickr

Change My Diet, Change My Life

In the past several weeks, I’ve become increasingly bothered by my lack of discipline and self-control, especially when it comes to food.  Time to make choices and changes… Read more »


A Memorial to One Man’s Strength, and His Gift of Grace…

The second article in the Grace series – a Memorial Day tribute to my grandfather, and the memory of his legacy in my life Read more »


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